What happens when you have the possibility and capacity to pre-write, develop, supply and give logistical support to a big project with a great brand leader in the sector?

Well, there are projects as spectacular as this one, with a perfect tandem between Panasonic Industrial and Tempel Group.

Today we talk about our #success case in the #marine market, in which we developed the design of custom battery packs for the power system of the GPS module installed in marine buoys for the industrial fishing sector.

These satellite buoys have a system that becomes "smart" because they are equipped with the Catch-A-Live system, which allows for instantaneous alerts in the event of a capture and allows for the recovery of live animals on the hooks. This system is called SMART DRUM LINE.

Thanks to the Panasonic batteries, we were able to adapt this project to the client's needs, which in this case was for scientists from the state of New South Wales (South East Australia).

Would you like more information about the batteries used for this solution?

Contact us and we will send you exclusive information about this and other projects of our #TGSUCCESSCASE

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