In order to ensure that supermarket operators get the "right light" for their retail installations from Tempel Group's technical team, we are always at the forefront of finding solutions that offer the best technical and commercial result.

Light, colors, contrasts, direction, everything must be carefully audited and contrasted to preserve the products in their best condition; sensitive products must have a warm light with natural color reproduction that protects and preserves freshness, while for example in meats, if it is red it is always better to choose a warm color temperature. When it comes to white meat, it should always be displayed under a cool white light.

In this success story, our lighting engineers designed a tailor-made solution between energy consumption and visual comfort, always focusing on the customer experience. The project, a comprehensive reform in the lighting of the shelves, fish, deli, butcher, access, ramps and parking, was led by our team in Portugal.

The client, one of the largest French operators, needed to change all the lighting fixtures, and to adapt its displays to the new demand; to create an atmosphere where the customer would feel at ease, with areas of intense and dynamic light and others with a calmer atmosphere for the shopping experience.

Its characteristics, key to development:

For this solution, T5 and T8 tubes were used, which are a type of cylindrical luminaire that spreads its light in a linear fashion.

LED T5 tubes are the natural replacement for the old fluorescent T5 tubes, and have a diameter of 5/8 inch (1.62 cm), while a T8 tube is 1 inch in diameter, or 8/8. LED T5 tubes are much more environmentally friendly as they do not include mercury, a substance that is actually harmful to living things.




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